Top 5 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

Want to save on your next plane ticket? Follow these top 5 tips for booking cheap flights: flexible times, using flight notifications, trying alternative airports, and more.


1. Be flexible with your time

One of the easiest ways to find a cheap flight is to provide flexible travel dates. Consider flying midweek instead of weekends when prices are lower. A last-minute booking can sometimes result in discounted airline seat offers, though less ideal for group travel. Avoiding peak holidays such as Christmas and summer will also ensure lower prices. Expand your range of departure and return dates and see if prices drop on different days - the more flexible your flight schedule is, the more flight deals you can take advantage of.

2. Sign up to be notified of deals

Get the upper hand on flight deals by signing up for price reductions and offer alerts. Sites like Scott's Cheap Flights send you email alerts when low fares become available to specific destinations. Airfare watch list tools from Google Flights and Hopper also let you track prices and get alerts when they change. Following airlines and flight deal sites on social media is another way to discover sales and limited-time promotions before they sell out.

3. Use private and anonymous browsing

Flight search websites use cookies and browsing history to personalize results. Use personal or anonymous modes to prevent tracking while searching for potentially cheaper tariffs. Try to compare the prices logged as usual with the remote window and see if there are any differences. You can also periodically clear your cookies and browsing history to clear your preferences and view more expensive options. Cast a wider net for bargains.


4. Check alternative nearby airports

Be sure to limit yourself to the major airports closest to your destination. Searching for alternative smaller or regional airports further away can reveal hidden aviation opportunities. For example, flying to Chicago Midway instead of O'Hare or Burbank instead of LAX can save you money. You can get cheaper tickets by crossing the border and flying from Niagara Falls instead of Toronto or Bellingham to Seattle.

5. Book connecting flights

Non-stop flights are the most convenient, but connecting flights with connecting flights are cheaper. Consider splitting your journey into multiple segments on separate tickets booked individually rather than on a single ticket if a stopover is reasonable. Just remember to leave enough time for connecting flights in case of delays. Multi-city fares can also offer savings compared to round trips.


Finding cheap airline tickets requires being an experienced and flexible airline customer. Try expanding your departure date range, tracking airfare sales, browsing privately, flying from alternate airports, and using connections to unlock lower prices. Patience and perseverance are crucial to earning points. Follow these flight booking tips to keep your travel costs down.