Top 10 Unexpected Foodie Destinations Around the Globe

When talking about travel or dining destinations, words like "best" or "eye-opening" mostly come up. Nobody talks about other great places or equally good tourist spots that aren't "meta". Today, we're going off the beaten path to share with you some places, cities and countries that are amazing for foodies and taste great too. You will have an amazing and never before explored experience that you will never forget.

1. Croatia

Croatia has a diverse and complex history due to its location between the former Ottoman Empire and Central Europe. This historical diversity is enhanced by culinary prowess where you'll find all the flavors of the European Union. The unexpected part belongs to the Istria region, which borders Italy and Slovenia, and brings together flavors that are hard to find elsewhere.

2. Anchorage-Alaska

Smoked salmon is mentioned in every review of Alaska's largest city, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Enjoy wood-fired pizza, delicious hearty steakhouses, and one of the most scenic views in the country. Even Alaskan king crab is a dish worth trying.

You can’t go wrong with the coffee shops here, as Alaskans are some of the most caffeinated people due to the cold weather, earning them a spot in the top 10 most caffeinated cities.

3. Melbourne - Australia

Take a break from Sydney to explore one of Australia's most ethnically diverse cities. Home to Asian, African, Indian and many more amazing ethnicities and their respective flavors, if you're a foodie you can't go wrong in Melbourne. Imagine the oldest Chinatown in the city, dating back to 1850; how diverse would the food scene be?

Try Korean-style fried chicken wings, gourmet European-style burgers, coconut yogurt, and boat noodles. There's so much to explore and you'll be surprised every time.

4. Philippines

You won't find puto bumbong anywhere else because of its Indian-influenced spices and it's a rice-based dish. Unfortunately, not many people talk about how diverse and different the cuisine is there. You can see Chinese influences in pasta, sauces, tofu, and even Spanish soufflé. Among the many delicious locally produced and farm dishes, don't forget to try the balut, which you can experience for yourself with us.

5. Jamaica

In fact, throughout the day there is plenty of fresh fruit to eat and enjoy the charm of the sea under the palm trees. But there's more to sample, such as jerky chicken, red striped beer, ackee, national fruit and more. Their stews are like nothing you've ever tasted, they're made with oxtail or goat tail, and you serve it with a leafy green called steamed kalaro. Wash it down with their great spirits or hibiscus tea, which is bright pink with a hint of ginger.

6. St. Augustine - Florida

We're back in the land where dreams come true, a Spanish-style city originally built in 1565 by Spanish colonists. This coastal city has a lot to offer visitors in terms of architecture and weather, but what about the food? They have a lot of them.

Southern-inspired Peruvian cuisine, octopus carpaccio, Andean-style lamb chops or seafood like fried green tomatoes – there's something for every taste here. If you like it on the sweeter side, you may choose to try the Pilot Ice Cream Scoop or the best coconut milkshake in town.

7. Cartagena - Colombia

While you'll find plenty of colonial-era architecture and culinary influences in this walled city, it's the flavors of Arabic cuisine from the Middle East that are surprising and unexpected. They've been here since the arrival of immigrants in the Ottoman era, selling fresh fruit and vegetables with amazing spicy and Middle Eastern flavours. Don't forget to try the Arepa con Huevo, available in many cafes, which is eggs poached in batter. Lebanese dishes like kofta, meatballs or other Bulgarian balls like kibbee are also included.

8. Peru

This is one of the most unexpected countries in terms of diversity. Imagine the many dishes you can use with over 60 varieties of corn. As if that wasn't enough, there are more than 3,000 indigenous potato varieties in Peru. Imagine combinations that will satisfy your taste buds. Add quinoa and beans, and you have one of the most diverse cuisines on earth.

Otherwise, be sure to try the Spanish rice with meat, and prefer a little Chinese or Japanese influence, which makes for a wonderful flavor combination. Also, the ceviche, a Spanish style raw ceviche with amazing spices, cooked in lime juice, is a must try.

9. Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the most popular tourist destinations as the country recently emerged from its long-standing political isolation from the world. Most travelers will be surprised to learn that Chinese dishes contain Indian spices, but these dishes can also be confused with Thai or Vietnamese dishes. That's how assimilated or unique their food is, whichever way you look at it.

10. Hangzhou - China

The capital of Zhejiang Province, one hour's drive from Shanghai. Not many people outside of China know her, but the city is huge and beautiful. More Chinese tourists visit Hangzhou than Shanghai every summer, and that says a lot about the city. As a result, their dishes are very diverse, but milder than dishes from other spicy regions of China. So next time you come to China, be sure to visit Hangzhou and enjoy various Chinese and foreign delicacies.

Enjoy the unexpected

Now you know some amazing culinary destinations that will surprise you no matter where you're from. Every city and country has its own unique dishes that are often overshadowed by better known dishes. If you haven't been to a Chinese noodle restaurant, you will never taste the amazing taste of a Chinese noodle restaurant. This is true for any goal. Imagine the diversity you will experience in Peru that you may not experience the same elsewhere.